Programs / Services

CESA #1 is a cooperative and is governed by the 45 school districts that it serves as primary clients. Its business is structured in direct response to the service needs of those school districts, the Department of Public Instruction, and other education providers in the area.

The overall business functions as a cooperative, thereby receiving ongoing information regarding primary customer needs and service evaluation. This is facilitated by monthly meetings with Board of Control representatives, superintendent representatives, and key district staff regarding the needs and effectiveness of agency services. This information, combined with research data, determines the design and implementation of all agency services.

Once services have been determined and a delivery model designed, the agency mobilizes resources for finding staff and partners to provide the services required. A contract is then developed for each client. The service is implemented by assigning staff to coordinate, supervise, and deliver the service. The service is then evaluated per the requirements of the funding source and the agency's evaluation system.

The services of the agency are comprised of consulting services, direct student instruction services, educator professional development as well as training for Wisconsin certification.

Last Updated: 8/27/15