Our New Name!

We are excited to announce that the Institute @ CESA #1 has been renamed The Institute for Personalized Learning:  a division of CESA #1. According to Mary Gavigan, Executive Director of CESA #1, the new name is intended to better communicate the work and mission of the Institute while reinforcing its relationship to CESA #1. After five years of service to educators, students, administrators and others throughout the education community, the change in name will reinforce the identity of the Institute without changing its focus or commitment. 

This change will allow the Institute to continue to serve the needs of and collaborate with member school districts while building the capacity for continued growth. Watch for changes in the next several months, including a new interactive website.

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The Institute for Personalized Learning works with member school districts through a unique action network approach to pursue transformational change in public education. Our mission is to establish personalized learning as the prevailing approach to educating youth.

The Institute has developed a model and change strategy to guide districts and schools in redesigning learning and teaching to build capacity for dramatic improvement in the performance of the educational system.

We invite you to learn more about us by exploring our website and to connect with us as we continue our work of transforming public education.