Meeting Statutory Requirements

Program Description
CESA #1 offers educators who completed their preparation outside of Wisconsin a way to meet the PI-34 statutory requirements of Conflict Resolution, Human Relations, and Environmental Education via texts, online resources, and examinations. These requirements must be met before the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will remove the stipulation(s) from the educator’s license. 
Individual Components
Human Relations requirements are divided into four components and can be met via four examinations related to:

  • American Indian Tribes in Wisconsin
  • Women’s History and Minority History
  • Philosophical and Psycholgical Bases of Attitude Development
  • Culturally Relevant Teaching and Implications of Racism and Discrimination

Candidates may take all four examinations or any one of the above examinations, depending on their past training and their current needs. Candidates will receive materials for all examinations. After reading the materials, the candidates take open-book style written examinations and submit them electronically to CESA #1 where they are scored. 
Conflict Resolution uses a series of online resources. After reading the information contained on the websites, candidates take an open-book style written exam, which they submit electronically to CESA #1 where it is scored. 
Environmental Education uses WorldBook Online as the main resource. After researching the main topics of the exam, candidates take an open-book style written exam, which they submit electronically to CESA #1 where it is scored. 
Upon successful completion, a certificate will be emailed as a pdf to the candidate. Credits are not given for completing these exams.  The certificate should be included with their DPI license application materials. 

To Register 
Download the PI 34 Support Request Form under "Register For an Exam" at the right.

Send this form, along with a check made out to CESA #1.  Check or cash accepted, NO credit cards.

Last Updated: 1/31/17